$240 / per monthly rate

Get the Best Coaching & Training experience while in the comfort of your home or On-the-Go, with the help your Ur Fav Fit Coach, & Head Coach, Ashaa.
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What's in the plan?

Virtual 1-on-1 training that is scheduled accordIng to your schedule. We meet you where you at in terms of strenght, mobility, flexibility and endurance, and build from there.

nutritional guide

goal consultation

120 minute sessions

in-home or private gym

What's the process

Building block 1: cardio

Getting your lungs back back is your first priority. Through a series of cardiovascular exercises and training that’s tailored to your current state, you’ll be breathing better in no time flat.

Building block 2: Strength

Developing both muscle strength and endurance is the next step. You’re body is a machine that needs to be worked out accordingly. Combinations or free weights, machines and calisthenics are employed to give you the strength you deserve.

Building Block 3: Balance

A balanced body leads to a balanced mind. By developing core strength, muscle in your legs and lower back, along with increased flexibility, you’ll be feeling brand new.

it's time to take back control

by any means